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Design & Validate

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Current Project UX B2B


Research & Synthesis

Heavily involved in User and Stakeholder research interviews and synthesis of collected data.

2 x 2s and digital synth 

Objective: Gain a team understanding of problems uncovered during research

Problem Statements

Ongoing educated Assumptions, Problem Statement and Hypothesis Generation


Team consensus on ranking of problems by risk and value

Brainstorm & Design Studio

Collaborative stickie and white board exercises. Uncovering best ideas to incorporate into low-fi and hiFi comps and prototypes


Using company standardized Style Guides, develop and ideate using Sketch, Invision & Axure


Pairing with PM's, Engineers and Developers testing the solution each step of the way with Users. Ensuring each component or feature works intuitively and seamlessly works for the User

Project #1 The Home Depot "Homer Fund" App

After organizing our ideas and concepts we invited a group to walk through our process.

What do we know and what don't we know

We initially gathered info from the existing websites, downloadable information and then held stakeholder meetings.

The Homer Fund

  • Established in 1999
  • Every dollar donated goes right back to associates
  • 1,000 requests for assistance monthly
  • Awards more than $1.25 million in support monthly 

The Goal

Increase Associate Engagement with the Homer Fund 


What do we know and what do we need to know? How to create the best user experience design possible. Step 1, Gather information from existing sources and stakeholder meetings.

Dynamic Persona and Solution concepts

After collecting survey results and analyzing them we developed personas and were able to determine what the solution needed to have to be successful.

Research and comparative analysis

We looked at a multitude of tangental interfaces:

Event sites / crowd funding / calendar apps / games / check-ins apps 

Comparative Analysis findings

  • Quick wins
  • Difficult challenges
  • Show Progress
  • Unique Icons 
  • Only Need Basic information
  • Talked to users: LDAP / Active Directory
  • Stats / Achievement access
  • Calendar / List View
  • Notifications
  • Filtering 
  • Simple / Intuitive 

Designing the Homer Fund App

Whiteboarding the Userflow and all additional areas of the App

Object Oriented UX

We took all the nouns from our sessions and used them to piece together what exactly we needed to build. Then organized it into areas of focus.

Design Studio Findings

  1. Profile Information
  2. Events Calendar
  3. Achievements
  4. Leaderboard 

Event Flow

Using Active Directory and LDAP the sign-in, tracking and event management was much easier to construct so that the App fit in with existing systems.

Game Design

Game Design applies game tactics to other experiences. 

Badges: Intrinsic rewards for task completion

Leaderboards: Competitive acknowledgement

Trophies: Winnable objects for grand tasks

Variable Rewards: Prerequisite based chance lotteries 

 “A 2015 survey on gamification showed that 89% of people feel that a gamified system would boost their engagement.” 

Testing Low & High Fidelity Prototypes

After designing the initial pages in Sketch, we printed them out and asked Users to manually step through the various processes using the paper prototypes.

Logging and analyzing all the test results, we then modified our pages in Sketch and put together a hi-fi prototype and asked a different group of testers to test our App.

Final Solutions and Next Steps

Using the App will conceptually help increase participation, in-turn boost donations and we also added a feature that allows the Home Depot Associates to customize "Homer", the Home Depot mascot!

The Homer Fund App Visuals



Research and Stakeholder meetings


Object Oriented UX


Design Studio


Event flow, Game Design and Testing


Final App Solution


Homer Fund App Downloads

Homer Fund App Process (pdf)


Homer Fund - Calendar-flow (mov)


How do you attend events (png)


Rough sketches for prototypes (jpg)


Project #2 Found Art App

Found Art is an App that catalogues Street Artists and their Artwork by location

Found Art App

This App catalogues Street Artists, their Artwork by location and utilizes proximity beacons to help navigate the "out-of-the-way" areas where some of their artwork lives.

Found Art App Summary

User Research

Shots from my notebook

My goal was to find out what information Street Artists were willing to provide to the public on themselves, their artwork, and the locations they used as their canvas.

Persona Creation

The spray paint can is the most well known symbol for Street Art

After interviewing Artists and organizing their answers. I was able to piece together a similar persona that fit most artists. Almost every artist wanted the viewer to know the story behind their art.

Information Architecture

User flows and Site maps help work out logical paths through the App

Now that I had info and data it was time to arrange all the parts so that potential users could understand it as a whole. Construction of User flows and Site Maps took shape.

Sketching and Wireframes

Rough Wireframes for FoundArt

With a user flow worked out. I now had enough to start sketching out thoughts on how a user would navigate through the App, then create low fidelity wireframes.

Prototyping and Testing


Developing the clickable prototype, then testing the process I'd worked out with users, allowed me to see gaps and ways to make the navigation more intuitive.

High Fidelity Wireframes


 Making adjustments along the way, betters the users experience. Creating Hi-Fi wireframes provides a way to "see" what the final App should look like and how it will function. 

Found Art App Downloads

Street Artist Page (png)


Artist's Artwork Page (png)


Artist Listing (jpg)


Artwork by Location (png)


Gallery of Fav'd Artwork (png)


Found Art Case Study - 27MB (png)


Project #3 Trees Atlanta App "Twig"

Trees Atlanta App named "TWIG"

Goal - Increase donations and awareness of Trees Atlanta

After research, analysis, design studio sessions and persona creation from survey feedback, a solution was formulated using an App with 3 distinct features:

  1. Tree and Plant ID
  2. Belt line Game
  3. Enhanced donation options

Trees Atlanta Project

Click on a file to download.

Clickable Prototype

Trees Atlanta Presentation (pdf)


Trees Atlanta Wireframes Rough (jpg)


Trees Atlanta Wireframes Hi-Fi (jpg)


FoundArtCaseStudyFinal (png)


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